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A major blue-chip healthcare consumer products company asked our medical device consultants to audit. An innovative young medical device company asked our medical device consultants to help identify a new sub-contract manufacturer and component supplier for a second generation medical device. A university research development office was considering investing in an internal medical device research project to develop a cardiovascular.

A pioneering company in gene sequencing required specialist technical support which our medical device consultants were able to provide. We are a specialist medical device consultancy consisting of industry experts with long and successful track records in commercialising medical device products.

We have broad functional and sector experience, and would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you any challenge relating to creating sustainable value from medical technologies. Case Studies. Re-classification of a medical device. Re-classification of a medical device Our client is the distributor of a medical device manufactured outside of the EU. The product is currently classified as a class 1 medical device, however the View More. Digital health market entry strategy. Digital health market entry strategy Our client, a digital healthcare company developing regulated wearable devices, was considering its market entry strategy with respect to its initial geographical focus.

Medical Device Innovation Consortium and ANSYS [Case Study]

It had a number of options but wished in particular to understand View More. Primary market research for young digital healthcare company. Primary market research for young digital healthcare company We were asked by a client to conduct primary market research by selecting and interviewing elite sports coaches and physiotherapists to seek their views on the need for a novel wearable activity monitor the company View More. Supporting an Exit. Supporting an Exit Our client wished to exit by finding a large company buyer View More. CE marking strategy for medical imaging software.

CE marking strategy for medical imaging software Our client asked us to develop a CE marking strategy for medical imaging software.

View More. Supporting corporate partnership negotiations. Supporting corporate partnership negotiations Our client required support in facilitating a surgical products licensing deal with a target company.

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Regulatory strategy for borderline medical device products. Regulatory strategy for borderline medical device products Regulatory strategy for skin peel cosmeceutical products View More.

Medical technologies regional growth strategy. Medical technologies regional growth strategy Developing a strategy for growing the medical technologies SME ecosystem in the North of England. Regulatory environment for non-surgical cosmetic interventions. Regulatory environment for non-surgical cosmetic interventions Understanding the regulatory environment in the UK for a range of non-surgical cosmetic interventions View More. Drug Tariff application for device reimbursement. Drug Tariff application for device reimbursement Our client requested advice on a device Drug Tariff application for product reimbursement View More.

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ISO quality system Implementation. Regular errors also required frequent and time consuming searches through label archive data and generated reports. Our manual printing process and disparate systems were driving up our cost of doing business. We needed a way to streamline label printing.

The Company is now using pre-designed UDI compliant label templates.

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Centralized label management and traceability ensure compliance and provide peace of mind that the Company is achieving label consistency and meeting industry quality standards, customer and regulatory requirements. Users also have the ability to preview labels directly within SAP before printing, ensuring label accuracy and reducing errors.

By replacing its legacy labeling systems with the NiceLabel Label Management System LMS , the Company now achieves new levels of operational efficiency while improving accuracy. Now all label data is accessed directly from SAP, eliminating manual data duplication.

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The Company now leverages a single source of truth for all label data which increases productivity and eliminates human errors. NiceLabel helped us achieve new levels of operational efficiency while improving label accuracy. Through the course of implementation they realized numerous process improvements that ultimately delivered significant cost savings. Browser based label management solutions improve operational efficiency, responsiveness and agility while decreasing costs. Label change requests traditionally required writing specifications, sign-offs, waiting for IT to develop printer code, approvals, etc.

The daunting process can take months even for the slight repositioning of an object on a label. By contrast, next-generation solutions let business users harness the power of centralized database storage to find, visually compare and modify templates. Browser based access improves workflows and collaboration to deploy approved label changes globally in a matter of hours instead of months. With NiceLabel, we have significantly reduced the man hours required for label design and approvals. Our privacy policy has been updated since the last time you logged in. We want to make sure you're kept up to date.

Please take a moment to review these changes.

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You will not receive KPMG subscription messages until you agree to the new policy. Ignore and log out. Medical devices Making a power play to avoid the commodity trap Medical devices A look at the underlying industry dynamics and the exciting possibilities open to device companies on the pathway to success in Related content. Connect with us Find office locations kpmg. Print friendly version.