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  • EWG: Study Estimates More Than 100,000 Cancer Cases Could Stem From Contaminants in Tap Water.

Copy URL. Abstract Safe and adequate water supply is a vital element to preserve human health; however, access to clean water is limited in many developing countries. Register to save articles to your library Register. Paper statistics.

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Drinking Water Quality – New Issues, Risks & Solutions - Call for Papers - Elsevier

The daily intakes of Ca, Cu, Fe, Se, Sr from drinking water for residents in Mayang were much higher than the national average daily intake from beverage and water. There was a positive correlation between Ni and Pb in drinking water and Ni and Pb in hair. Essential trace elements in drinking water can be an important factor for local health and longevity.

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  • Applying a cumulative risk framework to drinking water assessment: a commentary.

To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. A review of bio-based materials for oil spill treatment - Open access 15 May Microplastics in wastewater treatment plants: Detection, occurrence and removal 1 April Occurrence, identification and removal of microplastic particles and fibers in conventional activated sludge process and advanced MBR technology - Open access 15 April Identification of microplastic in effluents of waste water treatment plants using focal plane array-based micro-Fourier-transform infrared imaging - Open access 1 January Microplastics in freshwater systems: A review on occurrence, environmental effects, and methods for microplastics detection 15 June Evaluation of advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment — A critical review 1 August Microplastics in freshwater systems: A review of the emerging threats, identification of knowledge gaps and prioritisation of research needs 15 May Solutions to microplastic pollution — Removal of microplastics from wastewater effluent with advanced wastewater treatment technologies 15 October Antibiotic resistance genes in treated wastewater and in the receiving water bodies: A pan-European survey of urban settings - Open access 1 October Spatial ecology of a wastewater network defines the antibiotic resistance genes in downstream receiving waters - Open access 1 October Continuous ozonation of urban wastewater: Removal of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli and antibiotic resistance genes and phytotoxicity - Open access 1 August Analysis of microplastics in water by micro-Raman spectroscopy: Release of plastic particles from different packaging into mineral water 1 February Persistent contaminants as potential constraints on the recovery of urban river food webs from gross pollution - Open access 15 October Municipal solid waste MSW landfill: A source of microplastics?

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