Mandatory recycling essay

Finally, incinerators let out many types of air pollutants, so recycling would reduce the need for incinerators. Lastly, recycling protects the environment and animal habitats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling

Second, using recycled materials lowers the need to use natural resources like timber or mineral ores. Finally, people cut down trees and destroy animal habitats in order to build landfills and pollutant-producing incinerators. That means if we recycle, animal habitats and environments can be safe. Others may say that recycling is a waste of time. However, recycling is not a waste of time because if one person recycles, and other people begin to recycle also, it will all add up.

However, recycling will get us somewhere because we will have less garbage, less pollution, and a better environment. Reducing need for landfills, reducing the amount of pollution, and protecting the environment and animal habitats are all reasons why we recycling is important and why we need to do it. Next time you see an empty water bottle on the ground, go throw it in the nearest garbage can, and you could have saved an animal, environment, or the whole planet. I had to write my opinion of this topic because I've noticed that people aren't recycling as much as they should and I've wanted to bring it to people's attention.

I've just found 10, ways that won't work. Favorite Quote: www.

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  7. Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Email address. Recycling of these industrial wastes such as plastics, cans, and chemicals go a long way towards considerably cutting back on levels of pollution because these waste products are reused rather than just being thrown away recklessly. The great benefit of recycling waste material is that it plays a big part in protecting Mother Nature in the most balanced way.

    While many trees are felled every day, recycled paper manufactured from specific trees is continually utilized to reduce deforestation. This classical example demonstrates that other natural resources can be recycled and made useful this way to conserve the environment. It is perfectly true that recycling minimizes global warming and its grave impacts. During waste disposal, huge amounts of waste are combusted that lead to emission of vast greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, and nitrogen, which contribute to climate change and global warming.

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    The whole process of processing and manufacturing products from waste materials emits few greenhouse gases because the very waste recycling industries burn little fossil fuels. If the process of recycling used and old materials was not there, it means new products will be manufactured by extraction of fresh raw materials underneath the earth through the process of mining and extraction.

    Recycling is a surefire way of conserving existing raw materials and protecting them for future use. Taking steps to conserve natural resources like minerals, water and wood ensures sustainable and optimal use. Recycling old and used materials into reusable products enormously reduces the possibility of choking of landfill sites.

    This is beneficial because it helps minimize land and water pollution since landfills contribute mightily to environmental degradation. Recycling guarantees that existing resources will be used sensibly and sustainably. The recycling process alleviates the possibility of discriminate use of raw materials when they are obtainable in huge supply.

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    Governments these days have stepped in to encourage recycling from lower levels, for instance, schools, small-sized organizations and also at global levels. This means that manufacturing industries can leave existing natural resources for exploitation by our children in the future without affecting current production. To add to the benefits it brings to the environment ; recycling opens up job opportunities. Recycling means many recycling plants will be set up, thus, leading to a long chain of collection and delivery.

    All these activities are performed by humans, so this will trigger an explosion of opportunities. The phrase reduce, reuse, recycle has been spread across the nation. However, recycling is still a problem across the U.

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    Essay About Recycling

    Recycle it instead. Did you know that Americans throw away enough aluminum every month to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet. Recycling has been around for…. For the past few days of lab, we have been focusing on our field study report and our topic is on recycling. Specifically, we have been focusing on the recycling of aluminum cans. There are benefits when it comes to…. What is Recycling? How is Recycling done?