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The multi-level perspective has been applied as a theoretical framework to comprehend this as a technological transition within a sociotechnical system. The multi-level perspective perceives transitions to be the result of interactions between actors at multiple levels of a system. Policy was identified as the dominant factor in determining the answer posed by this research. Selections from Ontario's policy-led planning structure illustrate how the province's water management regime is currently transitioning toward sustainability objectives that are accepting of greywater technology.

However, widespread adoption of the technology has not occurred. A review of key barriers suggests that amendments in policy could potentially facilitate adoption of the technology. However, under the current LCD business model structure, LDCs are unable to capture the benefits from sustainable energy and advance a sustainable energy transition.

The pushing force from an outdated LDC business model compounded with the pulling force from disruptive sustainable technology has created an opportunity for LDCs to innovate their business model in order to adapt to the changing energy paradigm of the 21st century. This paper explores and evaluates seven emerging LDC business models used in Ontario and provides a recommendation of a possible pathway for a viable LDC business model that can leverage sustainable energy while maintaining the electrical grid infrastructure.

Following this assessment is the analysis of existing policy and programs in the United Kingdom and California that facilitate the integration of solar energy technology with affordable housing. The programs discussed in these regions are compared to past, present and future energy efficiency initiatives in Ontario in order to identify which aspects of them can be adopted to facilitate the creation of solar-equipped green affordable housing in the province. The concluding chapter discusses recommended planning and policy actions to be taken at the municipal and provincial level that will incite the creation of solar-equipped green affordable housing in Ontario.

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The paper highlights the environmental, social and economic benefits of developing domestic solar energy systems as a decarbonization strategy. Together, these benefits act as an endorsement of a potential reality in Ontario in which affordable housing and sustainable housing become synonymous concepts in the age of climate change mitigation.

The paper overviews the operation and timeline of tidal energy development internationally and compares it to the Nova Scotia context. Due to the complexities associated with the multiplicity of federal and provincial governmental departments delegated with legislative jurisdiction over various aspects of the marine environment, an analysis of legislation and policies is undertaken in conjunction with best practices in Europe in order to establish jurisdictional boundaries and authorities in relation to the proposed SMPTE.

The SMPTE process and outputs are then detailed and a map of suitable plan option areas that take into consideration ecological, technological, social, cultural, political, and economic factors is presented and compared to the marine renewable-energy areas legislated under the Marine Renewable-energy Act Research and data gaps are identified and key recommendations are made for the province of Nova Scotia and its tidal energy industry.

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The AIT covers a wide range of topics, but its chapter on energy was never completed. The principle objective of this paper is to identify current interprovincial trade barriers in the electricity sector and determine whether the addition of an energy chapter to the AIT would be a viable method of minimizing those barriers.

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The purpose of this research is to understand the role that energy storage plays in the current energy supply mix of Ontario and its potential to expand the role of renewable energy RE and reduce carbon emissions from electrical generation. To achieve this goal it was necessary to first understand what is meant by the term energy storage, review the benefits that storage technologies can provide to electricity systems with and without relation to renewable energy.

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Second, it was necessary to understand how electricity systems are organized and regulated and why this impacts development of energy storage. Third, it was necessary to understand the case of Ontario; the regulatory environment, existing energy storage facilities, and influence of renewable energy. By integrating information and communication technology with the electricity grid, the smart grid will become a highly automated network with two-way flows of electricity and information.

This research questions whether the smart grid will be an evolutionary technology that enhances grid operations, but maintains the existing institutional order, or will the smart grid be a revolutionary technology that disrupts the natural monopoly of electricity utilities. This research also explores the potential for the smart grid to cause a broader transformation in energy systems that will bring about a sustainable energy transition. The purpose of this project is to understand and demonstrate some of the high-level aspects of planning for district energy as a means to facilitate implementation, primarily for planners and other municipal staff interested in district energy.

A literature review and interviews with land developers, municipal staff, district energy experts and university personnel provided the basis for conceptual discussion. The United States has made significant commitments to expanding sustainable energy in recent years, seeking to achieve ecological gains, growth in GDP and jobs, and increased national security.

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This paper examines some of these sustainable energy strategies, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ARRA and the opening of land for renewable energy development by the Department of the Interior DOI , to determine whether or not the U. S has achieved their sustainable energy goals so far.

The paper also identifies significant barriers to sustainable energy in the U. S, including increased natural gas production and the approaching end of some federal sustainable energy incentive programs. The purpose of this major paper is to broadly examine the state of practice of community energy planning CEP in Canada by exploring its definition, reasons for implementation, and differences between its theory and practice.

Its principle objective is to bridge gaps in an area of study in which secondary literature has been sparse and limited in scope, providing insight on successful approaches to climate change mitigation through community energy planning. A comparative analysis is performed through a secondary literature review, multiple document analysis, and four case studies that employ the use of interviews.

The primary aim of this research is to analyse and synthesise findings related to i the prevailing renewable energy RE context in Ontario as well as global RE financing trends; ii financing model design criteria and trade-offs; iii key supporting policies for RE deployment; iv alternative RE financing models; and v an integrated financing model in Ontario, Canada. This paper presents a comprehensive evaluation of the energy production, economic, social, and political impacts of Ontario's microFIT Program - a feed-in tariff for micro-scale renewable energy projects.

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