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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis help? User Info: Lilbisk.

User Info: TBD Since nobody has answered your question I guess this board is dead and buried , I'll help. The Synthesis aspect of PSU is simple. You buy a board, you gather materials be they bought from the NPC or found in missions and go to your room.


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The materials go in your Partner Machine like any other regular item, but you'll need to actually insert the boards through the Synthesis menus. Boards upon being inserted will tell you what you need to make the item, and depending on the item you are making, the process takes a few hours this never made sense to me when I played PSU, and makes far less sense to me now. It's now just easier, and cheaper, to just buy what you want to use.

As for good Sabers to use Now it's probably the Lavis Cannon Give them a look.

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Really, you can just use your room's terminal to search shops, enter in the star value and type of a weapon you want to look for, and off you go. As for Daggers I still say the Blumiers and the Lumiess Blau was the best of the best. Though, some might tell you to go for the Diska and Twin Diska. I also was partial to high percent Halp Serafi Sorry I couldn't help you out sooner These photons can be bought or found on mobs of certain elements. The opposition elements will do more damage to each other.

NASA's Cosmicopia - Basics - Composition - Nucleosynthesis

Much like traditional element oppositions, element are resistant to themselves ice strong against ice. Charged photons with an energy type Dark, Fire, Ground, etc will affect the element type of the melee weapon it is used to create.

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Most melee weapons created via Item Synthesis will require the user to pick which element type photon to use in the "???? The user can elect to use element photons or non-element photons.

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The use of element vs non-element photon does not change the rate of successful item synthesis. Element melee weapons have the same stats as their neutral cousins with the exception of having a percentage of damage to the element they possess. This can mean extra damage on mobs weak to the element or severely less damage on mobs strong against it. The percentage of element effect on a weapon created from item synthesis is random. Element-charged weapons and armor have a color change as reflected from the element they possess.

Photons are used to charge the bullet shells that the guns shoot. Photons used in item synthesis are always determined by the board and have no effect on the element of the gun since guns are required to use an array of different element shots.

PSU: Sword S-Rank Synthesis

Like ranged weapons, technic weapons require the use of non-element photons to create neutral Rods and Wands. Like melee weapons, line shields can be element-charged as well. The element photon used determines the element resistant to other photons.